Fire Control G2 Control Unit
G2 Control Unit
G2 Control Unit

Fire Control G2 Control Unit

Field Modules, relay box & converter

System interface

 G2 Pyrotechnic control unit

The Fire Control G2 is the most diverse pyrotechnic control unit on the market. The lets you control scripts containing both pyrotechnics, relay units and DMX. Use it together with the G2 Converter Box to be able to control your PyroDigital and FireOne field modules

System wing


With the 16 fader controller wing connected you can patch multiple DMX devices or start pre-programmed cues with the flash buttons

Fire Control G2 FM16 Field Module
Fire Control G2 PD converter box
Fire Control G2 FireOn converter box
Fire Control G2 Relay -Frilagd-small
Control various types of Field Modules


Use it with the G2 FM16 field modules, our high end G2 RX16 Wireless field modules, the G2 PD Converter Box or the G2 FireOne to be able to operate your PyroDigital & FireOnre field modules. Fire Control G2 provides all desirable communication functionality, has a user-friendly management system and a future proof technology platform.

Together with the G2 Relay Box  you can now easily connect your power opperated effect gear to the same pyrotechnic control unit as you use for your stage pyrotechnics.

Graphic system interface


Never ever before has it been this easy to program and to keep a clear overview and control of your shows.
The G2 interface is designed to give the user a safe and easy to use
environment when working with programming, running tests and during
show time.


The system provides total overview of your projects, shows and effects through it’s library function.

What's in the box


The Firecontrol G2 comes in a road case that holds the control unit, firing pickle, additional wing, stand, charger, arming keys, 3 antennas & a goose-neck USB light.

Firing Pickle
External ergonomic designed firing pickle with dead mans grip function.

Road case
The Fire Control G2 is delivered in a super robust dark green storm case which will keep your equipment safe from shocks, dirt and moisture


• Ability to control scripts containing both
  pyrotechnics, relay units and DMX.


• Graphic interface for easy overview.

• 1280x800 multi touch screen.

• 4 XLR Field Module output connectors.

• Single universe wired DMX-512.


• Dual band W-DMX 2.4 or 5.8 GHz.

• SMPTE/LTC receiver with wide playback speed range.

• 3 USB ports for mouse and keyboard

   or goose-neck lights.

• 10/100 Ethernet.